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How To Deal With Depression And Anxiety


How To Deal With Depression And Anxiety



Depression came from Latin verb which means “To press down”. Depression is a common and serious illness which makes you feel sad and you start losing your interest on everything. It is different from the mood swings which we face in our day to day life.

It’s ok to be sad and feel lonely but if those emotions start controlling your life and affect your day-to-day life then it is considered dangerous for your health and leads to problem like depression.

Depression can be because of various reasons like work related issues, family issues, relationship issues etc. It affects your work, health, mental peace.


Major depression: It is also called major depressive disorder, classical or uni-polar disorder. In this people feel depressed most of the time even after having a well settled life, loving family, tons of friends people feel depressed.

Persistent depression: It is also called dysthymia or chronic depression as it lasts for two or more years. It’s not as intense as major but it harms the relation and life.

Manic depression: It is also called bipolar disorder. In this for a period of time you feel very happy and then very sad. It may last for 1 week or less if hospitalized.

Depressive psychosis: In this the person looses the touch of reality.

Preinatal depression: This depression mainly happens with women during the time of pregnancy or four week after child birth.  

Seasonal depression: This take place according to seasonal changes. More of these are seen in winters. It is also called seasonal disorder depression.

Situational depression: Depression caused due to certain situation which happened in life. It lasts for three months.


     Person starts spending time alone and do not interact with other people.

    Over think or think less.

    Face problem in decision making.

    Change in eating habits and diet.

    Have no pleasure in life and stop enjoying the life.

    Always in depressed, sad, angry mood.

    Less energetic.

    Lose confidence.

    Feeling of unwanted.

    Thought of death and suicide.


The causes are not been fully understood by the medical community.

There are many factors which lead to depression. Some factors are

     Environmental factors: The place where we live, the people who are around us also play an important role on our mood.

     Genetic factors: It is seen that depression is a genetic problem If your parent and grandparent have problem you might also face then.

     Hormones: If there is a change in body balance of hormone then it might result in sadness and anger which result in mood swings but if it last long it results in depression.

     Personal issues: People mainly faces problem due to their personal issues like family problem, work problem, relationship problem etc. Due to this entire problem they lose their mental peace which causes depression.


Depression is a state of mind it is not considered as disease. It’s just a feeling when a person start feeling unwanted.

Exercise: Exercising daily will help you to get rid of depression. Exercise boost energy to your body and make your body feel happy and relaxed. Try doing yoga and meditation daily to make your mind relax and to feel fresh.

Social interaction: Try to interact with other people around you. Share your thought and feeling with your family and friends. Be in regular contact with them.

Balance diet: Maintain a proper diet. Eating well is very important for being physically and mentally well. Balanced diet will help to boost your energy and help in your mood swings.

Sleep well: Taking a proper sleep is very important to be fit. Sleep also affect our mood swings like if you do not take proper sleep you feel sad or irritating.


In today’s date if we see there is a lot of depression among the youth. Youth feel depressed about life events such as changing school, moving house, exam, family friends etc.

They feel sad and worried in their everyday life and this leads to depression in them. Some time they think about the thing which will never happen and then take tension and feel depressed.

Youngster mainly stop eating, talking, feel sad, lonely, unwanted, guilty. These are few symptoms of depression seen in them. 

Young people do not share their problem easily with others as they think the people will judge them which lead to so many unwanted thought in their mind which disturb them mentally and leads to problem like depression. Young people should share their problem to one they trust such as family, friends etc so that they can help them.

According to a survey it is found that India is in second number in the case of depression. And also female faces more mood swings the males.

Depression can be ended if we start sharing our thought, start interacting with people. The way we take care of our physical health we should also take care of our mental and emotional health.


     People think that depression is not a illness but it is actually illness with real impact and symptoms.

     Depression not only affects women but it affects man also.

     Sadness and depression are not similar situation.

     It is not important that your family members are depressed then you will be also depressed.

     Antidepressants do not affect your personality it targets your brain.

     Talking about depression help you it does not make the situation worse.

     Depression is not a sign of person’s character.

     Depression is actually a serious problem which needs doctor in some cases.

It is said “Laughter is the best medicine” so we should laugh enjoy the life as smiling do not need money it just need inner peace and if we are happy half of the disease is treated. We can win over depression my laughing and being happy.

This article is contributed by Shreya Singh, Who is a 3rd Year Engineering Student in Information Technology. The author has a keen interest in  Baking, Coding, and playing badminton.