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How to Help Your Kids To Boost their Immune System

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Did You Know your child’s imagination can boost their immunity? Many people say about how on earth could that work an imagination can boost your immune system?

A study was done by rainbow Children's Hospital in Cleveland

It absolutely can, so many years ago the Rainbow Children's Hospital in Cleveland took a group of children and they just took a swab of their cheek and they were testing their immunoglobulin levels this is a protein that fights infection and then they are surtout and watch a puppet show so the policeman puppet starts to fight the germ pop it here's a germ.

Here's a policeman the policeman hid the germ and killed the germ and the Children simply watched this show and then they asked him to close their eyes and imagine the same fight was going on in their body that the policeman puppet was killing all the germs took a few minutes to imagine that and then they swapped them again and their levels of immunoglobulin is gone up so high they realized straight where their bodies were reacting as if the cells really were fighting germs.

Their bodies had raised the level of protein that fights germs significantly just by thinking about it.

That's a great study we all love that and I decided I wanted to do that especially now we're in a situation with a virus, children are scared parents are scared they're scared for their grandparents and people say you know there's no vaccine.
 What can we do with this something you can do there are many ways of improving your immune system but thoughts are things when you think a thought you get a real reaction that's what if you think about blushing you blush that's why you think about eating your stomach rumbles and your children have an amazing imagination more powerful than yours.

I want you to play this game for your children because as they play it and think about it what's happening is it is really happening in their body as they imagine there be cells which are the cells that find a virus and kill it before an infection can begin.

If the children imagine their general is going out looking for a German or virus the troops coming along and killing it and then the clean-up crew coming along and cleaning up that is exactly what happens in the body thoughts are things and I want you I invite you to let your children play this game their imagination and sing the song and an even better I would love it if they would sing the song with their grandparents.

Play the game with their grandparents sitting next to them they can play it together because children have an amazing imagination their mind affects their body our bodies are actually run by a network of the intelligence which is completely influenced by our mind and this game and this song goes into that network of intelligence it influences your mind to influence your body.

We've made this very simple for children, it's incredibly fun and I'd love it if your children played it with you with their aunts their uncles their friends their brothers and sisters they even their school teachers because we can all help there is something we can do build our immune system.

Think ourselves well play this with your children encourage them to play with you it's just an imaginary game that takes five minutes a song that takes a minute and a half it's so simple but just because the song is simple in the game is simple that doesn't mean the results aren't profound and powerful and transformation I've done this the years with children with allergies and skin conditions and illness but now because of this virus while we're waiting for a vaccine we have a placebo that lives inside of us that can help us get well and stay well.

 You can help your children and they can help you here it is it's completely free to take it does wellness and gets your whole family your whole neighborhood to do wellness to I'm going to tell you a story about your magical mind your magical body and the most magical thing about you of all which is your magical imagination four kids have an amazing imagination and your imagination just means that when you think of something your body makes it real.

That's why when you think of eating yummy food sometimes your tummy rumbles it's why when you can watch a really scary film or even read a scary story even though you know it's just happening in your imagination here you can feel kind of scared and that's because when you think of something your body makes it real.

Now when you think about your body killing germs that's the coolest thing of all because as you think about your body killing germs your body will start to kill germs so right now we're going to play a game and in the game, you're going to imagine your brilliant body and your brilliant imagination killing germs you know what's going to happen your the body is going to start to kill germs.

 So to play the game really well and to use your imagination really well just close your eyes because your imagination works so much better with your eyes shut you can peek them open if you want to but it's more fun with your eyes closed to close your eyes close your eyes right now I want you to imagine you're holding your game controller in your the hand you can even feel it and you can see all the little buttons you're about to press or push.

 I want you to see on this controller is your body only you can look right through your bodies like you've got x-ray vision today you can look right through your body and you can see your blood and I want you to look into your blood because there are all kinds of amazing things going on in your blood you know if you looked through a river you wouldn't just see water you see fish and stones and plants if you look through the sea you can see fish and showers right now look at your blood and you can see an army in your blood because there is an army in your blood.

There's an army of amazing sows and the army of the South in your blood looks a bit like jellyfish and there are three different types of cells they're the generals and the generals' patrol your blood all day long looking for germs and then the troops come along and they kill those germs and then the clean-up crew come along and they sweep everything away so I want you to imagine right now you're looking in your blood that's it look in your blood and look at all those sounds and you can see those sounds and you can see them like little jellyfish-like little dolphins moving through your blood patrolling through your blood looking for germs and doing an amazing job for you and you can divide these cells into three you can see the generals they're like the James Bond.

 They're the spies they have x-ray vision goggles and night search goggles and they look for germs and they find them even when they're hiding and then the general cells they call for the troop cells the army cells and they come pouring out into your blood and they kill every germ they gobble them up they munch them up they fight them.

 They always win and then the clean-up crew come along and they sweep everything clean and they do something amazing they leave behind something called antibodies and antibodies mean you can't get sick from that germ ever again but even better because your troops fight the germ early they fight it before it can even ever make you ill so that's so cool you have a brilliant body and you've got this army in your blood the generals that find germs the troops that kill them before you can even get ill the clean-up the crew that clean everything up and the antibodies that protect you.

So now we're going to play this game and it is a great game we're going to play the game and you are going to win this game of making your body healthy and well and I want you first of all to pick your own troops because that's the funniest part of this game.

You get to choose you can have Harry Potter riding on unicorns with magic lasers coming out of their horns you can have a dolphin squadron of the generals finding germs the troop dolphins killing them the clean-up dolphins you can have Minecraft or fortnight you can have dragons breathing fire you can have Navy SEALs you can have Marines or super ninjas fighting bad germs you can have Star Wars or Robocop you can have anything you like policemen and women with Tasers fire crews blasting away at germs you get to choose so go ahead and choose how you're having magicians on broomsticks you're having Army Rangers or Marines and now you picked your troops.

 I want you to give him the right weapons you can give them search missiles lightsabres magic one's swords tasers lasers x-ray vision night goggles you can also give them boats or motorbikes or aircraft or helicopters or parachutes let's get ready.

You're going to do this so well right now release your generals that's right there they go your generals are so fast so smart so powerful and they have a germ finding radar they have the night visions x-ray vision they're like James Bond or Luke Skywalker or Han Solo searching out and finding every germ even the ones that think they're hiding.

They can't hide from these generals they are finding them with searchlights locking onto them they lock onto any vine with their special vision and now your generals are calling for the troops and thousands of troops troop like sails are swimming into your blood going straight to the germ straight to the virus you're blasting of thousands and thousands of troops really exciting troops elite troops special Troops special squads like Packman and they are going straight to the germs and they surround them and they're eating them up right now they're gobbling them out.

They're munching them up chewing them up devouring them before they could even try to make you ill that's what's happening now watch your troops and help your troops watch them firing lasers at the germs using swords to kill the germs and your troops are so powerful.

Your troops are passionate and fast and strong and motivated and you have way more truths than germs and you can call for more troops and more troops and more troops and you are outnumbering every germ your troops are outnumbering every germ.

They're like Robocop they're bigger and stronger your dolphin squadron are chewing up the germs munching up the germs ending germs your Minecraft or Fortnite crew are on a mission blasting the germs away blasting away every germ winning you have so many truths and the germs are all being outnumbered and the germs being defeated right.

Now and now here comes your clean-up crew and your clean-up crew remember everything about those germs and they make special antibodies right now they're making antibodies your clean-up squad is and making antibodies even as you think about it and now when you make those antibodies it's so cool because you are getting a better and better feel.

Healthy and well and the germs can't come back and even if they try your body will just find them the generals find them the troops kill them and the clean-up squad get rid of any mess and the magic of your body is doing it right now you are making more troops defeating germs making antibodies just by thinking about it just playing this game in your imagination is making it happen your millions of troops are flying leaping jumping somersaulting high-fiving celebrating.

Your troops are so clever and they're directed by you and that makes them even more clever you are directing your troops you're like in charge directing the troops go there blast that germ defeat that germ and that germ and it is so exciting your troops are always finding defeating destroying germs ending germs.

Surrounding germs eating them chewing them up munching them up blasting them away melting them you can imagine dragons in your bloodstream firing on those germs melting them all away and then the clean-up crew sweep away all the mess sweep everything away so your blood is healthy and you are really healthy and well and you always win

You see you might know that some viruses have a little crown on them but you are knocking that crown off you're knocking the crown off antivirus and the only person that wears a crown is you because you're the winner you're the king the queen of winning this game you are winning this game.

You always win this game you know why because your squad is a bigger stronger faster more powerful finding defeating germs blasting them away making something called antibody memories right now

 Your body loves fighting germs it knows how to fight it knows how to fight to win and it loves to win and every day your body is fighting germs winning at fighting germs and winning at keeping you well and you play the game of making your body super well with zappy sales and every day you can make it different one day you can have dolphin's one day you can have Marines one day you can have Minecraft or fortnight or maybe you play with the same troops every day and they get even faster even better and when you finish playing the game and you always win

You always have victory now you can finish playing the game and your troops and your clean-up crew just going back to base but the generals swim away some away in their patrol boat swim away riding dolphins but they always stay on patrol they patrol your blood 24 hours a day and when they find a germ they call for the troops just like we just did and the troops beat the germ always you just played a great game and I'm so proud of it but I want you to do something else.

I want you to do one more thing I want you to sing a song the lyrics are coming up on the screen but I want you to sing this song with your mum and dad with your grandparents with your aunties uncles friends at school with your teachers you know why because when you sing this song when you sing my clean up squaddies are making antibodies I'm so happy all my cells are zappy.

I'm so glad my cells are rad when you sing that song you are telling your brilliant magical body and mind to fight germs and win and here's something even cooler you have a better imagination than doats and if you sing this song with your grandparents or your mom and dad but especially with your grandparents when you sing this song you know what's happening their mind is thinking of their selves killing germs and just like your magical body, their body is starting to fight germs and win because as they sing the song the body is reacting to their imagination so think about that I want you to promise that you'll sing this song with older people and with your brothers and sisters and friends and maybe at school and every time you do that you're helping all the people.

You love to be well you're helping they and you're winning the game of wellness all the time so well done you sing this song now and we're going to play this game and sing this song every day and you're going to be well you're going to help your mom and dad be positive and going to help grown-ups be healthy by showing them.

When we sing this song we are winning the game of wellness so you can open your eyes here are the lyrics read they sing them and let's all win every day are being healthy and well every a single cell in my body is working every single cell is busy I'm working to keep me healthy and well I'm so happy all my treats is happy zapping germs and keeping me well I'm so glad my body is rats snapping germs, I'm making me well every day my channels.

In Turkey finding germs I'm fighting to win every game I general chuckling called call my troops to pass germs away clean up slowly make antibodies so every day my body is healthy and well clean up potty keep me busy so my body is healthy and well every day which routes are blasting zapping jumpsuit lost them away and came to a king a brewski big sweeping all the germs away I'm so glad all my troops are at keeping my body healthy and well.

I'm so happy you're my treats as happy making my body healthy and well I play the game I win and then I sing and all my body is its and well it feels such fun because I have one alone my body is healthy and well.

Top 10 natural edibles for babies to boost their immunity:

1 Plentiful of Water
drink at least 8 to 10 glasses water everyday water flushes out toxins from our body

2. garlic
increases w.b.c production very rich in anti-oxidants cures cold and fever as well turmeric
heals internal infections add-in curries, milk, etc

3. curd
gut-friendly bacteria go for probiotic curd for children below 1, only give homemade curd use curd in various preparations oats

4. honey
warms the body
excellent for sore throat

5. nuts
make nut powder
add in curries, soups, milk etc

6. green leafy vegetables
Very rich in anti-oxidants root vegetables
potato, sweet potato, carrots strengthen respiratory system

7. pumpkin
the best food for boosting immunity

8. lentils
rich in proteins
help in antibodies production

9. sprouts
richer in proteins cook well before serving peas
thins mucus

10. citrus fruits
vitamin c
add lemon juice in soups or warm water and honey or warm water and honeyberries

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