Saturday, July 25, 2020

Yoga For Breast Enlargement

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Yoga For Breast Enlargement

Breasts are intimately connected to a woman’s overall well-being.

While we are all beautiful in our own skin no matter what the size,

Stand with your right side close to the wall, extend your right arm up, behind your body, with your palm up on the wall.

Turn your breast bone away from the wall to feel a stretch deep in the chest.

This will help you to stretch the shoulder and the arm and create an opening in the chest.

It's a great preparation before moving into deeper poses.


You can be in a standing or seated position with your spine comfortably lifted.

Bring your palms joining in together in Namaste, in front of the breast bone.

Make sure your elbows are pointed out to the sides and start to press your palms strongly into each other.

Let your shoulders and neck be relaxed all throughout.

The Palm Press will help you to create space in the chest cavity, expand your lungs, open the rounded shoulders


Place your palms lower than chest level and feet together.

Press your palms to lift your chest and lift off the ground.

Straighten your arms and bring the shoulders and wrists in a line.

press your toes on the mat to lift the knees off by an inch.

Make sure to not shrug your shoulders and avoid rounding the chest.

This asana helps to lengthen your spine, opens the chest and shoulder,


Start to slide your palms forward on the mat and bring your forehead or chin on the mat.

Maintain the hips and knees in one line.

If your chin comes to the mat easily, then try to press your chest down to the mat.

But avoid sliding forward too much, which will bring you out of the pose.

This asana helps to really open the thoracic and cervical spine while stretching the shoulders, triceps and armpits.

Once the upper spine learns to open, it gives the breasts a fuller and healthier look.


Get started by being in a kneeling position.

Keep your feet flat and legs close to each other.

circle it back to take the palm down to the right heel.

as you follow it up with the left palm coming down to the left heel.

Stay in the pose by keeping your hip pushed forward and chest opened up.

you can move into the child's pose to relax your back.

keep your chin pressed into chest instead of dropping back.

If dropping both hands to the heels is not comfortable, then only drop one hand at a time.

This asana helps to open up your upper spine, shoulder & neck.

It helps in expanding of the chest and lifts up the breast bone.


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