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Top 14 Benefits Of Kapalbhati Pranayam

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kapalbhati pranayam benefits

Today I will explain, what are the benefits of Kapalbhati Pranayam and How to perform it.

So, come and learn with me!

Friends, you have to sit in crossed legs position.

You need to keep you back straight.

Your shoulders should be straight.

For doing Kapalbhati Pranayam, you need to exhale from the nose with some pressure.

You should do this on some Yoga Mat.

Because it is not advisable to do it directly on the floor.

You don't need to take your tummy forcefully in, instead, when you will exhale with some pressure, your tummy will automatically go in.

At the beginning of this pranayama, you must not do it fast. You should do it very slowly.
This is a cleansing kriya which helps in removing respiratory disorders it also energizes the mind removes sleepiness and helps intoning digestive organs it should ideally be done before you start your asana practice or your pranayama practice so let's begin Kapalbhati.
come into an easy cross-legged sitting position with your back straight. bring your hands to your knees in this kriya the focus is on active exhalation and passive inhalation so every time you exhale your tummy goes in inhalation is a spontaneous recoil involving no effort so close your eyes

if you are doing it for the first time take it to slow maybe one exhalation per second let's begin you can keep your hand on your tummy to feel how it goes in every time you exhale if you are getting tired it is ok to stop take a few breaths and start again slowly bring your bread to normal

you can start with 50 strokes at one time and slowly move to 100 strokes I hope you enjoyed the practice I'll see you soon

Benefits of doing Kapalbhati Pranayama:

1. It detoxifies the body very well.
 Thus, it removes toxins from the body.
 It means that till date, the level of pollution you have inhaled which was accumulated in your body will be out now.

By nature, our lungs are not capable of filtering out the man-made pollution but still, they are trying to.
 and that pollution comes in front of us in a form of some illness.

Like heart problems, arteries blockage, kidney problems, lung cancer, so this is the pollution that comes in front of us like this.

So by doing kapalbhati pranayama your body will be detoxified and so will your organs and you will not come across any major issues like these.

because you have already cleaned the lungs by doing this.

2. and by practicing this pranayama you will not suffer from any organ related diseases such as heart problems etc.

even if your arteries are clogged by now, it will be re-opened very soon.

in fact, it has been seen in many different cases that those who does this pranayama, their clogged arteries got opened?

3. another benefit of doing Kapalbhati pranayama is that it rejuvenates body cells.

Cell rejuvenation means that your cells are getting young now by performing this daily.

4. and these cells will slow down the aging process.

so, it not only cures issues in the body but also will bring glow on your face and body.

Then it balances the hormones of the body.

5. And you will get lots of relief in PCOS, Thyroid and diabetes kind of issues.

6. It will also help you in dissolving stones as well.

7. It will lower your cholesterol level and help you in the BP problem as well.

8. Then it also helps in weight loss.

It targets belly fat and helps in burning belly fat.

it balances weight, those who are fat will start getting slim and those who are extremely thin will get some bodyweight.

9. It will increase body immunity.

10. Reduces stress level in the body and helps depression patients as well and helps those suffering from insomnia.

11. It helps in allergy, asthma, and problems related to the lungs.

13. In fact, it also helps in curing cancer cause in cancer, cell die but by doing Kapalbhati Pranayam, cells become young and new.

14. So, it is highly beneficial for cancer patients too.

Now let's talk about the precautions before doing Kapalbhati pranayama.

So if you have a heart problem, or has gone through heart surgery, in case of hernia, Epilepsy or slip disk problem,  severe back pain,  or had been operated and have stents now or had any stomach surgery, or suffering from high bp, or those ladies who are pregnant or just delivered.

These people should not do this pranayama.

Hypertension people should do this after the permission of the doctor.

if you have High Bp then you should do it very slowly.

and you should do this under the guidance of some Yoga Practioner.

if you have undergone some surgery then you should wait until you recover.

So, these were the general things which you should keep in mind before doing this.

Always do it in the fresh air and in the morning empty stomach.

if you want to do it after food then you should wait for minimum of 5 hours before doing this.

you should not eat anything for next 30minutes after doing this.

How Much Yoga You Should Do?

Now we will talk about

is it necessary to do Yoga daily?

do we have to do Yoga daily?

or if you skip it someday that too is fine

see some people say do Yoga for 5 days a week it's fine

it's enough

you must take rest for a day or two in between only those a person should take rest

those who treat Yoga as the burden

let me give you an example

what will happen if you skip doing Yoga many people ask

it will be like not brushing your teeth for a day it will be like not taking a bath for a day

you don't feel fresh if you don't brush your teeth although there will be many who don't do it that's different

but in reality

unless we brush our teeth, we don't feel fresh same is the case for Yoga

Yoga doesn't mean you will need rest

someday we will do rapid and heavy Yoga if we are not feeling well, we do only pranayama

if we feel good that day, we meditate too

all these are after all Yoga

How can you say that do it only for 5 days and skip the rest?

I am not criticizing anyone

but those who have learned Yoga from his Guru

they won't say like this

those who have done some course in school or tuition or Yoga studio

such people will say such things

that 5 days a week Yoga is sufficient yes, it is sufficient

but we just don't do Yoga for our body

we do it for our soul, our body, our life force for purifying all these we do it

So my answer to the question about should we do Yoga every day or not is this

How much will it affect us? it will affect only that much how it will affect if we don't brush for a day

I hope you understood my indication

We tell our children to brush twice a day daily

So, I will tell you it's my right to tell you to do Yoga daily

Maybe you can change the flow or style

Someday you do more Asanas (postures)

Someday you do Pranayama

Someday you add Yoga Nidra to it

Someday you add meditation to it

Someday you may do more Surya Namaskar

You can shuffle it

Do something regularly

Some people like doing Surya Namaskar daily

So, keep a few things which you will do regularly and shuffle other things as per your wish

and your mind will also be happy and one more very nice thing is

in our tradition is continuity the flow of river Ganga is continuous everyday Sun continuously rises and sets

and many other things are continuous

seasonal changes are continuous

Everyday continuously we hear the chirping of birds

We transform our lives using Yoga.

Yoga is not limited to bodily fitness.

That's why to understand this

how important is doing Yoga?

That's all for today,

If you have any questions then kindly comment in the comment the section down below.

I will try to help you guys.


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