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Top 10 Bhastrika Pranayama Benefits

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Bhastrika Paranayama and Benefits

Bhastrika Pranayama:

Bhastrika Pranayam is also called Bellows Breath, a sound like a blacksmith bellows is produced In this breath yoga. Baba Ramdev the Yoga Guru, says that Bhastrika pranayama is done first on breath yoga series.
Today I will explain and share another breathing practice another pranayama which is called Bhastrika pranayama.
The benefits of Bhastrika is amazing because it works directly on your energy channels, the Nadis.
Every breath, every exhalation you take every time, energetically speaking, there is an opening, a clearing, an opening and clearing, and; as you know all the Chakras, all the energy centers, they are in front.
They're in front of the being.
So as you do this practice, you can also visualize all these energy channels connected with all your energy centers, vortexes opening and expanding, and clearing any old energies from all the chakras in front.
From the base up to your sacral, up to the solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown upwards.
So there is this opening, opening and clearing and opening.
So as you do this practice, you can connect with that.
Clearing and opening your energy channels.
I will demonstrate to you how bhastrika works:
we would place your hands towards your upper shoulders here.
There is a silent inhalation and focusing on exhalation.
You're using your arms and dropping them to the backside of your lungs, allowing that extra kick of that oxygen out of the body.
As you do this practice, imagining and visualizing and even feeling, if you are quite energetic, there is this opening taking place right in front of you all the older energies you are holding.
So this practice also allows us to prepare with more opening for higher energy to come through.
Because higher energy can come true when we create the space for it.
So that's the beauty of this practice and I highly recommend if this practice is new, to start off with 30
- you can pause -
another 30 and pause another 30.
Every time after every set, always take a few moments - to feel the effects of every practice
because this is how you will learn the effects directly; how the energy is working inside of you.
Now this practice Bhastrika, it can deepen with other practices, too so the next part of this practice would be to hold the breath and to connect and energize yourself with prana with life force energy.
So we clear the pathways the energy channels and centers and then we connect with the life force energy.
So here, a beautiful way how to do this is by visualizing the Sun.
Connecting, withdrawing with the Sun. As you would draw the Sun, you could also
visualize a golden yellow light.
This is the highest superfood your whole body and being can ever eat.
So this life force energy permeates and comes trough into every cell of your being.
That means into every organ re-energizing rejuvenating clearing the old energies.
So this works right down to the core.
A few words to share with you about stagnant energy
- because most of the time we are not so much aware of how
important it is to work directly with our energy system - because when we don't work with energy the Energy's become stale and stagnant and that causes 90 percent of all disease that one human being experiences within his physical body.
So when you reverse that, you come to see the root cause of all, nearly all forms of the disease.
The reason for that is because of an energy stagnation.
So this practice is like a natural medicine that you can take on every day. You can build up the practice.
You can start with 30 and then add more to it as you get more familiar and more comfortable with the practice.
So I will now come to the second part where we energize with lifeforce energy.
I will repeat from the first part of bhastrika into the second part, where we withdraw
the lifeforce energy.
So as I just demonstrated that the second part you are energizing just like a battery. You become a battery.
To receive and charge up your whole being with that life force rejuvenated energy of the Sun.
You place your thumbs face each other and sometimes the hands will move accordingly
depending on the charge on the alignment of that.
So keep your hands soft and if they want to move slightly allow them to do that as you're in this position you are connecting with the Sun. You're withdrawing in the Sun, using this yellow golden light.
Bringing that light closer and closer within you, into every cell of your being.
Now I will share with you another part of this practice:
so after
energizing with lifeforce energy there's a third part which I implemented with this practice, which is about sublimation of energies.
So the third part that I will show you very shortly is with the second part then you inhale and you contract the perineum muscles, the solar plexus and there's also a third one here in the throat. So these in sanskrit are Mula bandha Udeana banda Jalandhara banda - the three locks of the spine.
So we engage these three locks of the spine and we sublime energies from the lower density of energy from the lower three chakras up at first to the heart and then further up if there is the capacity within you to do that. 
But at first to move those energies up to the heart and work with opening the heart center.
All the energies from the lower centers must be transcended up to the heart chakra.
So I will show you now the full sequence of this practice with the last part of the sublimation of energy.
And as you exhale you can exhale to the backside of the heart and up the backside through the neck towards your crown center.
So this is how you can complete this practice by exhaling into the heart and up the crown center and
then you can take a few moments to observe the effects of this practice. 
That is a completely amazing practice of first opening and clearing then energizing withdrawing lifeforce energy then subliming energies towards the heart and with the last part after releasing that sublimation rising up towards your crown.
Very well...

Top 10 Bhastrika Paranayama Benefits

Let's see the amazing benefits from this, 

1. Bhastrika oxygenates your blood, your brain. your cells and tissues

As you practice bhastrika there's an exchange, fast exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide and this would help oxygenate your blood your brain your cells and tissues, and The quality energy level of the body will go up, you feel fresh You feel energized and enthusiastic all the time.

2. Improves Focus and Concentration

You improve your focus your concentration And your alertness as you practice bhastrika 

3. Detoxification Of The Body

Whole-body gets detoxified with the heat of bhastrika. toxins burn and Also the lungs become super strong.

4. It's very important to make the lungs strong 

the muscles of the lungs will stretch and become strong and your lung capacity will Increase and your digestive system will become stronger.

5. The digestive fire will increase, 

appetite will increase and you will be able to assimilate your nutrition much better in the body in the cells and tissues.

6. The heart becomes stronger with the practice of bhastrika. 

7. Glowing Skin:

your face will glow, your aura will improve and increase and also, it's good for the people who are paralysis issues, Thyroid issues, sinus and asthama issues, who have migraine issues.
 8. Bhastrika also will remove unwanted thoughts from your mind 
and it will bring up your Energy level, bring you out from depression and negative thoughts and give you positivity and give you enthusiasm and make your mind stable and still peaceful. 

9. Weight Loss

Those who are looking forward to losing weight, bhastrika will help you and since it increases the metabolism then your fat burns faster and Excess fat will burn and you will start losing weight with the practice of bhastrika. so it has many physical, mental and spiritual

10. Awakening of Kundalini Energy 

and also the energy of Kundalini which is residing in the perineum in the base of the spine in the perineum area will start awakening and rising up as you practice more and more bhastrika breathing, 
Benefits and your body mind and soul will completely rejuvenate with the practice of Bhastrika.
I hope you enjoy this practice and find for yourself the amazing benefits of this natural medicine you can ever give to yourself.

 I hope you liked reading this post if you are still awake :D Please share with your loved ones and bring the change into their lives.


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