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10 Best Morning Routines for Success

best morning routines for success
best morning routines for success

It is clearly stated that being successful is directly proportional to one's well- being. First of all, it is very important to understand what success means. It is not something that reciprocates materialistic happiness but in simple words, it is just the accomplishment of any aim or purpose. It need not be living a luxurious life or wearing good clothes or being a CEO of a multinational firm, but it can also be running well a grocery store, cracking a solution to a problem or writing a good article!

Success is in our minds if our mind is satisfied or contended and at peace, anything we aim can easily be accomplished. Thus, it is very important to keep the burning cells of our mind active and peaceful so that it is at par in contributing to our aims in life.

Every day starts with a beautiful morning and why do we address mornings as beautiful, because it is that time of the day when we wake up fresh and our body cells' concentration is at peak. If we utilize this time of our day meaningfully then it will definitely make the rest of your day!

So let us drill down and make the best use of morning and the best practices for achieving success. 
In fact, the world's most successful people follow it like a religion.

1) Wake up early: 

As the saying goes, early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. Waking up early aids in working well of your body. It does not mean that you should wake up at 4' o clock in the morning, but at least your morning should start around dawn. This is a perfect time to get up. If you haven't anytime woke up earlier, try to adjust your waking time at this point and you will ultimately feel the magic. Visit your window or balcony, open up your arms and breathe the fresh air. The smile will automatically pop up on your face!

2) Breathing Exercise and Meditation: 

It has been proved that meditation keeps your mind and body synchronized. Meditation increases the level of concentration and thus helps you to absorb difficult situations easily. Inhaling and exhaling fresh air detoxifies your body and thus keeps it fresh. Regular meditation improves focus, decision-making skills, reduces a lot of diseases, keeps you away from depression, and tones your body and keeps it fit. Meditations done in early morning hours are the most effective.

3)  Burning Some Calories:

Doing meditation is not enough. Your body requires to shed some extra calories and work in the right amount of energy. This doesn't mean that you should join a gym and spend hours of your day there, but instead, you should adopt some good exercises along with meditation to keep your body in well state and proper functioning. Morning exercise appears to be best for reducing stress and losing weight. For being successful, you need energy, and morning exercise brings in that right amount of energy for you.

4) Morning Walks:

Harmonious movements of all body parts together is considered a morning walk. A peaceful walk was done in the morning hours accompanied by listening to music or with a friend or a partner adds cherry to the cake. It is the most relaxing exercise that helps to improve your mental clarity and ability to focus throughout the day. Brisk walk aids in the exercise of the lungs and detoxifies your body. It also helps you to think creatively. The moral of the story is to keep your body parts moving!!

5) Eating Breakfast:

It is said that if our body gets the right amount of morning food at the right time, it can do wonders. Breakfast is the first meal of the day and should be taken by 8' o clock in the morning. It is considered as the most important meal of the day. Taking the right portions of food during breakfast energizes your body to function properly. An empty mind never thinks properly, however, a proportionate breakfast satisfies the first and early needs of the body in a day and allows it to work suitably the rest of the day. However, we should avoid carbohydrates in the breakfast, it should be more of like proteins and fibers.

6) Day Planning:

 Most of us often plan or strategize for two minutes before any work we do. Why? Because we get a direction to achieve our results. Similarly, if we consider our day to be a task and prioritize and plan the daily routine in the morning itself, it becomes easier to perform all the tasks as per the time table without any deadlocks and will make your day more manageable and less stressful.

7) Reading Newspaper:

 Reading a newspaper is considered as one of the most important and good habits among most of the books. It is very important that you keep yourself acquainted with the rest of the world and thus glimpsing the newspaper is the best thing to do this. Moreover, this aids your concentration too. You can also do this task while eating your breakfast.

8) Completing one important task of the day:

Researches have proved that the one important task of the day you wish to complete if done in the morning hours then the efforts taken are less compared to the efforts taken for the task done in the rest of the hours of the day. You might have closely noticed the timings of schools and offices. All of them start around 9' o clock. This is because a fresh mind is the most active one in the morning hours and the problem-solving capability of our brain is at the highest in the morning as our brain is said to be more productive when fresh. Moreover, when the task you wish to complete, gets completed in the first hours of the day, the rest of the day tends to appear happier.

9) Spending Time with Family:

Family is one asset that is the key root to success and happiness. In the hustle-bustle of life, we generally do not spend a good time with our family especially in the mornings. A good hour of discussion with the family members as a morning routine will keep your mind happier and away from worries. You can also discuss your goals with your loved ones who are one of the best advisors of successful people in the world. Kissing success alone is a dead loss.

10) Keeping Happy and Staying Positive: 

Well if we follow the above said best morning routines, the chances of us being successful will increase ten folds. Moreover, all these practices help us stay happy, energetic, and optimistic. A positive mind is a stepping stone for success. 

So, put your shoulder on the wheel, follow this basic morning routines and success will ultimately kiss your feet! Who knows you too can create a rags-to-riches story!


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