Friday, August 27, 2021


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Mango one of the famous and favorite fruit of all of us which is also known as the king of fruit. Mango is not only delicious but it also contains so many impressive nutritional values which is found to be very good for our body.

Here are some of nutritional values:

Antioxidant properties: Mango contain Polyphenol which is the plant compound rich in antioxidants. Mango also contain Mangifera which is also one of the very important nutrients and is very powerful for our body. It protects our body from cancer diabetes and other illness.

Boost immunity: Mango is said to be a very good source of immunity boosting food. It contains Vitamin A which is needed for our body and it help our body to have a healthy immune system and protect from diseases. Also, very good source of folate, vitamin B, vitamin A and Vitamin C which help in boosting our immunity.

Heart health: Mango have so many nutrition’s which help in making our heart healthy. It contains magnesium and potassium which help in maintaining a healthy pulse rate and also help in relaxing the blood vessels which result in low blood pressure. Mango also help in lowering the blood cholesterol level and also protect us from fatty acid.

Improve digestion: Mango have certain qualities which help in making our digestive health excellent. Mango contain a digestive enzyme called amylases which help in breaking down the food molecules and make it absorbed by our body easily.

Eye health: Antioxidant called lutein and zeaxanthin which help in making our eyesight good. Mango also contain Vitamin A which promote eye health. Mango also protect our eye from harmful blue light. It helps in preventing from diseases like dry and night blindness.

These are some of the nutritional values of mango which one should know. Mango is full of nutrition and taking mango in our diet also make our body fit and healthy. Mango is one of the basic fruits which all of us like and it is not only good for our body but is also tasty.

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This is a very common question asked by people that do any food have cancer fighting properties in it?

And answer of this question is yes there are some particular food items which have anticancer properties which help in fighting with cancer and also help in decreasing the growth of Cancer cell in our body.

So here are some of the foods which have found to be beneficial in lowering the risk of cancer and fighting with it:

Broccoli: Broccoli is one such vegetable which contain sulforaphane it is a plant compound which have anticancer properties in it. In certain studies, it is found that it reduces the cancer cells up to 75%. Broccoli also help in reducing the risk of colorectal cancer.

Carrot: It is found that eating carrot daily help in decreasing the risk of certain types of cancer. Eating cancer will help in reducing the risk of stomach cancer up to 26%. Taking carrot in your daily diet will not only keep you healthy but will also protect your body from getting the cancer cell and reduces the risk of getting cancer.

Beans: We all know beans are high in fiber and therefore it helps us in protecting us from cancer. In human and animal, it is found that taking beans in their diet help in reducing the risk of colorectal tumor and colon cancer.

Berries: Berries are very rich in anthocyanins which is a plant pigment antioxidant property and also help in reducing the risk of cancer. In certain test and observations, it is found that berries help in decreasing the growth of cancer and also help in reducing the spread of certain types of cancer.

Turmeric: Turmeric is a very well-known spices of our India which help in promoting health. Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory antioxidant and even anticancer properties. Turmeric help in decreasing down the spread of colon cancer cells by targeting enzyme which is related to cancer growth.

Above are some of the food items which taken in your diet will help you in preventing from cancer growing cells and also help in reducing the risk of cancer.

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Weight gain is one of the biggest problems which people are facing nowadays. Gaining extra weight not only make our body look bad but it also affects our health as it increases the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and obesity which is very hard to be cured.

The amount of weight you gain is totally dependent on the type of food you take in your diet. There are some other reasons also which leads to weight gain that is genetic or hormonal change in the body.

But by changing your lifestyle and with full dedication and willpower you will be able to overcome the extra weight gain.

Here are some of the leading causes of weight gain:

Genetic: Weight gain leads to obesity which is one of the strong components of genetic. It is seen that is the clean the children are also leave and if the parents of fat the children also fat. To one of the reasons of weight gain is also due to the genetic.

Junk food: Gaining weight totally depend on the food you take the more junk food you take in your diet the more weight you add to your body. Mainly the junk food is cheap and long lasting and also very good in taste but they make our body look fatter and also promote overeating.

Food addiction: It is seen that many people like sugar and oiled food which last making a body gain weight. Taking junk food daily in your diet also is a type of addiction. The more junk food you take in your diet the more addicted you become to that food and without that food you will not feel good.

Insulin: Insulin is also very important as it helps in creating the hormones to store energy and other things. Various time it is found that people who take insulin start gaining weight which result in obesity as the level of insulin causes the development of obesity in our body. So, it is important to take lower insulin level to reduce the intake of carb and eat more fiber.

The above mentioned are some of the reasons of gaining weight and leading to problems like obesity. What you eat is one of the biggest things one should know because it directly affects our body if we eat healthy our body will be healthy and if we start to eat junk food our body will get to various diseases and will be unhealthy.

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Thursday, August 26, 2021


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Struggling in sleeping is very common nowadays in in people. Yoga will help you in providing you mental clarity and calmness in your body. Yoga will also help you in increasing your concentration, brightness and will relax your mood and brain which will help you in providing better sleep. For improving your strength, balance and flexibility of your body you need to practice yoga regularly. Better sleep will also result boosting your immunity protecting your heart from diseases.

Here are some of the yoga exercises which will help you in better sleep:

Tree pose: Tree pose will help you in maintaining your body and mind relax. It will help in making your legs stronger and also make your bones of the hip and leg strong and provide strength to them. It will result in better sleep and will improve your focus.

Camel pose: Camel pose stretch and strengthen your shoulders and back. It helps in improving your respiration by opening your chest and also improves in digestion. It helps in lower back pain and also improve the posture and reduces the fat on your thighs. It will also result in better sleep as it makes your body relax.

Cobra pose: Cobra pose help in strengthen your spine muscle, chest, abdomen, shoulder and lungs. It helps in improving the blood circulation of your body and releases the stress from your body. If the stress is released from your body you will result in a better sleep.

Child pose: Help in reducing the stress and anxiety and releases the tension of your body. It is helpful in relieving back pain and also stretches your ankle and hips.

The above at some of the yoga poses one should do before going to bed as it results in a better sleep. Disposes help in relaxing your body by stretching all the body parts and provide you better sleep.

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Fig also known as Anjeer belongs to a mulberry family which is  bell shaped flowering plant. Extremely sweet fruit with several crunchy seeds. It can be consumed fresh or even after drying. It has natural sugar and that's why it is known as nature's candy. Family uses the juicy fleshy in various types of jam, cake, pie is made from fig.

Here are some of the health benefits of taking fig in your diet:

Full of Nutrition: Fig are very low in calorie and that is why they are found to be good for our body. It contains Vitamin A and K which help us to prevent from chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer. When fig is dried, they become super rich in minerals like calcium, iron, Magnesium, Copper and Zinc. Fig help in balancing the fluid also regulate the blood pressure and heart rate.

Help in Sexual problems: Figs are found to be very highly rich fruit since ancient help in maintaining our stamina and also fertilization. Dried figs are rich in amino acid which is very important for our body.

Help in weight loss: It is found to be one of the ideal snacks for maintaining weight. Figs contain many nutrition and it also help in maintaining weight and help in reducing weight. High content of fiber which is important for our body. Fig is found to be one of the healthy snacks.

Regulate blood pressure: The content of potassium found in fig help in regulating the high blood pressure. It also helps in functioning of muscles and nerves and also manage the fluid in our body, it helps in managing the blood pressure and also improve the blood circulation and relax from stress.

Make bones strong: Fig are rich in vitamins and minerals which play a very important role in making our bones strong. Fig contain calcium and phosphorus in very high amount which help in regrowth of the bones and also protect from the injury of bones.

Some of the benefit of taking fig in your diet. Taking fig dried or fresh will help you in making your body strong and healthy. It will help you in regulating your blood pressure also reduces the risk of other diseases.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2021


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 It is very important to maintain a proper diet which include all the supplements in it but there are some of the foods which help in is fighting with cancer, so there are some foods also which increases the risk of cancer. It is very important to select our diet accordingly which contain healthy food not the food which causes harm to our body.

Eating the right food and feeling our body with correct nutrition and mineral is important for having a healthy body or else there will be certain side effect of taking the food which causes damage to our body.

Here are some of the cancer-causing foods:

Processed meat: WHO very clearly said that processed meat causes Cancer. Process processed meat contain stomach cancer. In place of processed meat to we can take white fish or chicken in our diet.

Alcohol: Alcohol is very harmful for our body as we all know that intake of alcohol can cause mouth, throat, breast, stomach, liver cancer.

Sugary Drinks or non-diet soda: Drinking lot of sugary drinks and non-diet soda will cause obesity which will lead to production of cancer cells. Obesity is also one of the factor that causes cancer.  

Fast food: Fast food causes the increase of fat in our body which is also one of the factors of getting cancer fast food contain food which are high in fat starch and sugar which make the calories increase in your body which leads to obesity and its result in Cancer.

Some of the food item which should one should avoid in daily diet as this food are very body and can damage different parts of our body. Cancer is one of the biggest threats of today's world. It is very important to maintain a healthy diet which help you in remaining fit and healthy and which protect you from diseases.

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Fenugreek is an herb in medicine it is also a very common ingredient which is found in Indian dishes and many people take it as supplements.

It is also very common household species which is and thickening agent. It is also found in the product like shampoo and shops. Fenugreek seed and powder are used in many Indian dishes to make it more nutritious and sweeter and nutty taste.

Benefits of using it:

Pack of nutrition’s: Fenugreek contain fiber, protein, carbs, fats, iron, magnesium which is found to be very good for our body. All the above mentioned are the important vitamin and mineral which our body need.

Breast milk production: Fenugreek help in the production of breastmilk. Doctor advice mothers to take fenugreek in their side so that it can in the production of breastmilk. If the baby will get the right amount of breast milk, then the rate of their weight gain will also increase.

Control diabetes and blood sugar level: Fenugreek help in controlling the type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It also helps in improving the insulin function in our body. It contains high amount of fiber which is important for our body.

Increase testosterone levels in men: Fenugreek is one of the very common supplements to increase the testosterone in men. In research it is found that the men who take fenugreek in their diet help in boosting the production of testosterone.

The above mentioned was some of the health benefits of taking fenugreek in their diet. It is also used in spices and Indian dishes and is also used in the field of medicines.

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Lips are the most sensitive part of our body and its care should not be neglected. If you don't treat your lips nicely it will look dehydrated and dry. It is very important to keep your lips moisturized all the time. Before switching on to commercial beauty product to keep your lip glory and shiny it is better to improve your diet and add some well hydrated put in you to make sure that your lips remain soft.

Here are some of the food items which will help you in making your lips soft:

Almond oil: Almond oil contain nutrients like Vitamin E which work as an antioxidant and also have Vitamin C which help in moisturizing your lips.

Sugar: Before moving to artificial lip scrubber instead try to use sugar with will help you in removing the dead still and restore the natural softness of your lips.

Milk: Milk have properties which help in making our lips soft. Applying milk with turmeric paste will help you in making your lips look softer and more moisturized.

Honey: Honey contain properties like antiseptic and antibacterial with protect your hydrated cell from getting damaged. Honey with sugar can also work as scrubber to your lips.

Tomato juice: Tomato juice help in treating dry dark lips. Applying tomato paste on your lips for 15 minutes and then washing it with water will help you in making your lips look softer and more hydrated.

These were some of the products which can help in managing soft lips at home before transferring to commercial product or other beauty product which contain chemical it is good to use all this home remedies.

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Hiccup is a strange sound which come from mouth without warning. Hiccup start much lower in our body that is in the diaphragm area which is a dome shaped muscle between our lungs and our stomach. When the diaphragm pulled down and you inhale air in your lungs and then relax while exhaling the air from your nose or mouth. But sometime it irritates your diaphragm spam, forcing the air you suck into your throat which hit your voice box and create a sound like hiccup.

Why do hiccups happen?

There is various reason which cause hiccup they can be both physical and summer emotional. This is because of the irritation which actually take place in the connection of nervous to the brain to the diagram.

Some common reasons are:

Eating so much and very fast

Feeling extra nervous for excited

Drinking too much of alcohol or carbonated beverages

Stress and anxiety

Sudden changes in the temperature

Swallowing any chocolate or bubble gum


These were the temporary hiccups which take place in daily life. But there are some long-term hiccups also which damage our nervous system which connected to the diaphragm. If hiccups last for a long time it can damage our nervous system and cause disorders like encephalitis and meningitis. Can also create problems like kidney failure and diabetes.

How to make them stop?

There is no such scientific prove that hiccups can be cured at home. Doctor say that if we start diverting the person from the hiccups then it can be cured. Experts say that breathing into a paper bag might help. It can be cured only by the process of relaxing your diagram. One should try meditation when they get hiccups.

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Saturday, August 21, 2021


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Fasting is one of the ancient practices done by people. Fasting not only help in making weight loss but also improve our brain health, physical health and spiritual health.

Fasting help in maintaining our weight and anti-aging. Fasting is found to be very beneficial for one body as fasting help us in improving the food management and weight management.

Here are some of the proven health benefits of fasting:

Improve body composition: Fasting for a period of 12 or more our help your body to improve the fat oxidation and fat burning. Fasting also help our body to burn extra fat present in it.

Provide energy: It is observed that the person who is hungry is found to be more active as the one who take food. In fasting the energy level tends to increase our body to boost the metabolism and be more energetic and active.

Improve our immune health: Fasting help our body to remove the extra and damage cell present and it also helps in stimulating the regeneration of damaged tissues. Fasting also provide immunity to our body by providing the new cells.

Heart health: Fasting have been found in improving the blood liquid present which indicate the heart health. Also help in maintaining blood pressure cholesterol blood sugar insulin sensitivity in our body.

Protect from disease: Fasting also protect us from disease as it helps in repairing the cells. Fasting help in the metabolic health and also help in anti-aging. Fasting help to keep our cell young, healthy and work properly.

The above are some of the benefits of doing fasting. For people it is important to do fasting so that they can maintain their weight. Fasting can also cure the problem of obesity. Fasting help the people to be energetic and live long.

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