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Vaccination is the process of giving vaccine to any individual as vaccine help the person to protect them from disease and also help the immune system to get stronger and have more resistance to fight from diseases.

It is a process in which the vaccine is given and the person body becomes more powerful to fight with diseases as it helps our immune system to get stronger and it leads to make our body disease free. Vaccination is said as one of the, most effective method of preventing infectious diseases.


A period of time between the age group of birth to 12 years is referred as childhood duration. This is the period of development of the child physically and mentally. In this duration of time the child learns to walk, eat, sit, identify their people, speak etc. This is the very first stage of human life cycle where the child learns so many new things.


When our body gets infected by any microbes then our body start to produce certain immune cell which help the body to fight with disease and this is called immunity of the body. Even after getting fit our some of the immune cell will remember those microbes and will not allow them to enter the body again in order to keep any individual fit and healthy.


A vaccine helps our immune system in activation without making our body sick. As we take birth we come in contact with various viruses, bacteria and other microbes out of which some are beneficial and some are harmful and those harmful microbes’ leads to various diseases. Our bodies have immune system which protect us from various diseases and help our body to fight with those diseases.

Simple and effective protection: If we suffer from any disease than our body develops a lifelong immune to protect our body from diseases. It is found that some diseases lead to serious lifelong problem and some even leads to death. Vaccination aims to obtain this immunity without any risks of having diseases.  Vaccination means activating the immune system memory in our body. In this process of vaccination our immune is activated without any risk of disease and because of that it protect our body from deadly infectious diseases.

Infant’s tolerant vaccines well:  A child immune system is prepared in the mother’s womb only which help the child to protect it from various microbes that come after the birth. The child immune has very small part of vaccine so it protects them from common diseases like cold.

Herd immunity: We notice that when there is a disease for which majority of the population is vaccinated then the few left can also spread the infection. So with the help of vaccination we can control some deadly diseases that spread worldwide. Small pox is an example of such disease.

Childhood immunization program: As the child take birth it come in contact with various viruses and microbes which result they start to feel sick so to protect the child from some of the deadly diseases some vaccine are given to them and it make the body fight from 12 diseases those diseases are rotavirus, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, poliomyelitis, infection with haemophilus influenzae type b, hepatitis B, pneumococcal disease, measles, mumps, rubella and human papilloma virus. Some child also gets vaccine for tuberculosis and all these help them to protect from diseases. Children usually get vaccine at the age of 6 weeks old.


Mostly vaccine are given through injections as they inject the vaccine in the blood and due to the continuous flow of blood in our body  the vaccine easily reaches to ever part of the body and help our immune to get stronger and fight with diseases. Some of the vaccine are also give through oral which also help our body and make immune stronger.


During the process of vaccination our body is exposed to some weekend microbes  and then when we vaccinate the body the vaccine substance meet those microbes in the body immune system, immune cells or antibodies are produced that will help to identify the real microbes. As soon as they identify the microbes our immune start to provide better and faster immune response to the body which help our body to fight with disease. This type of acquired immunity is called as artificial immunity.

A good vaccine will protect your body from those diseases for a long duration of time. The amount of vaccine given to any individual for any diseases varies from one to other.

It is very important for parents to take care of their children vaccination just after their birth in order to keep their child fit, healthy and disease free. Proper vaccination will protect your child from different diseases and also will make the child immune strong and help the immune to fight with diseases.
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Oral health which is very important part of our body but is taken lightly by most of the people. Our mouth is considered as the window of our body and health.

Oral health means the overall dental care which includes our teeth and gums to be clean and healthy and should also be free from diseases. Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly to clean between your teeth which will make your teeth clean and keep them healthy.

People with good oral health cannot get to suffer from problems like gum disease. This disease called gum disease is mostly prevented with good oral hygiene and good oral hygiene also protects people from problems like bad breath, gingivitis and periodontitis.


To maintain a good oral health all you need to do is every day care in the form of brushing your teeth daily, keeping clean your tongue. Our white teeth and tongue are the part of our body which helps us in chewing and tasting our food and many times also bears our unhealthy food eating choices. Our oral system works daily in order to provide our body what it needs, but we people often forget to take its care.

Neglecting our oral health and hygiene for a long period of time can destroy once appearance and can also leads to various health issues such as cancer, heart ailments, dementia, pneumonia and many other types of diseases.

Its main importance is it keeps your teeth and tongue healthy if you regularly brush and floss your teeth and keep your tongue clean your oral health is healthy. Having a good oral health also keep your confidence level increased and help in enhancing your personality. Having a good oral health not only keeps your oral system healthy but it also play a vital role in your personality enhancement. If you have a good oral you feel free and confidence to talk to anyone and a good oral health also make you smile with your precious white teeth and clean tongue.


Brush teeth daily and also before sleep: All you need to do is you should brush your teeth twice a day in order to keep them healthy. Brushing your teeth at night helps to remove the germs and plaque that have accumulated all around the day. Brushing your teeth before going to bed helps to preserve a better oral health.

Bushing in right way: Mostly people to brush their teeth daily but still they results in a bad oral this happens because they do not brush in a proper way. While brushing you should give more time to it and should brush your teeth slowly making sure that the brush touches each and every part of your teeth. You should move the brush gently and in circular motion as this technique help in removing plaque from your teeth this is a slow process but it works for sure.

Know about toothpaste: Make sure about the type of toothpaste you are using is good or bad for your oral health. It is advised people to use toothpaste that contain fluoride as we all know that fluorides helps in defending your oral health against germs and plaque and keep us protected from tooth decay.

Cleaning your tongue: It is observed that people do clean their teeth, but forget to clean their tongue which results in oral health problems. It is said that cleaning your tongue can be hard if you don’t give much time in cleaning your teeth. It is observed that plaques and germs build up on our tongue which results in bad mouth odor and bad breath which leads to bad oral health. So it is advised that every time you clean your teeth do clean your tongue also.

Flossing is important: Flossing is also very important in maintain your oral health and hygiene correct and on right path. Flossing helps in removing the little piece of food particles present between teeth. Flossing your teeth regularly protect your teeth from germs and plaque and also helps in lowering the gums inflammation.

Consume teeth-friendly diet: To maintain a good oral health people are advised to consume calcium and vitamin C rich food items. Fruits and vegetables like apples, pears carrot in once diet also helps in maintain good oral health. The crispy texture of these food items helps in removing the bacteria which causes plaque. And such food items also help in jaws functioning which increase the production of bacterial neutralizing saliva.

Use mouthwash: Mouth wash is considered one of the essential elements of our dental kit. It is said using of mouth wash helps I reducing the acid present in the mouth, re- mineralize our teeth and reach to clean the area where our brush can’t reach. A person who cannot floss mouthwash is very useful for them. It helps in keeping our teeth protected from oral germs and plaque.

It is very important for every individual to maintain a good oral health and hygiene. People should visit dentist on a regular basis in order to maintain good oral health. Brushing and flossing your teeth and should keep your tongue clean is very important your everyone of us. Use toothpaste which contain fluorides as it help in maintaining a good oral health. For having a good personality oral health is very important.

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Social media is an online platform where you can share your ideas, views and opinion to one and other all across the world. It is a computer – based technology which connects you virtually to one another. Some common social media platform in today’s date is twitter, face book, instagram, LinkedIn etc.


Mental health is the state of our mind in includes our emotional, social, and physical well being. It affect all our action like how we react, how we handle stress and also help in decision making process. Mental health is very important for our body to function normally and it is needed at every stage of our life. It is a state of well being where individual realizes its own ability and cope with stress and tension in his/her own way.


We all knew that human beings are social creatures. We need people in our life to live our life and the person who is there in our life leaves great impacts on our mental status also. Socially connected help us to get relief from problems like stress, anxiety and depression easily and make our life comfort, joyful and happy. But on the other side lacking a great social media connection can also leads to disturb your mental and emotional health.

In today’s date we all are very much connected to social media in one or the other way. There are many social media platform like snap chat, face book, instagram etc. where you find people and get connected to them. We know there are advantages of social media but at the end it can’t replace the real-world human connection.

Social media, a technology which is there to connect people to bring happiness and joy but at the end having millions of friends in social media can also leave you feel lonely and alone in real- world. Spending a lot of time in social media at the end leads to feelings of sadness, loneliness and dissatisfaction.


·       You can be virtually present for all your loved ones.

·       Can find new friends with same interest and ambitious.

·       Join and promote social cause.

·       Take or give emotional support when ever needed.

·       Can keep your views and ideas in front of all.

·       Discover source and information for learning


·       Lack of information about individual

·       Fear of missing out(FOMO)

·       Isolation

·       Depression and Anxiety

·       Cyber bullying

·       Self-absorption

Every coin has two side positive and negative its on you which side you want in your life. Social media can be useful also if you use it in a good way but if it start to control  your lifestyle then it’s bad for you as it directly affects your mental health.


We all are different from each other and the time we spend in social media is also different in all of us.

Indicators that show your social platform is affecting your mental health are:

·       You start to spend more time on social media than the real world.

·       You start to compare yourself to others life and try to adequate their lifestyle.

·       Because of social media you start to get distracted from your work.

·       You start to give all time on social platform and start neglecting your own personality.

·        Faces problem in sleeping like you can’t sleep without checking your social account or you wake and firstly check the account.

·       Start developing symptoms of depression and anxiety

·       You start to do things just for getting like and you start to post each and every moment of your life in social platform.

·       Experience cyber bullying.


1: Reduce time

·       Start to use app to track the time used in social media and day by day try to reduce the time period.

·       Try to turn off the phone for sometime every day.

·       Don’t sleep with phone.

·       Hide your social media notification to get disturbed during work.

·       If possible do not use all social media platform one is enough.

2: Spend more time with offline friends

·       Meet your friends and family once every month.

·       Join a club

·       Make new friends offline or get connected to old offline friends in case you not in touch.

·       Interact with people around you.

·       Try to develop confidence in face-to-face talks.

Today we all are connected to social media in one or other way. It is important to have a social life but it should not affect your physical and mental health. Today we are living away from our loved one and with the help of this virtual platform social media we are connected to them but the use of this platform should be limited. Social platform is good until it does not harm your mental peace if it starts to harm your mental peace then staying away is the only choice.

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Teaching yoga in schools and colleges might help the student to feel better, relaxed and fresh and it also help to increase concentration of the students. Starting your day with yoga is good for both body and mind and it also help you to keep fresh and energetic throughout the day.

Doing yoga everyday not only will make you physically healthy but also provide mental peace and happiness. School and college students should do yoga it not only make them fit but also help them to do well in their studies by increasing focus and concentration which help them to get good grade and achieve success.


Yoga education helps students to prepare them physically, mentally and spiritually. It helps the students to become healthier, saner and more energetic.

Yoga education helps the child to learn self-discipline and self-control which make them bring more awareness and increases their concentration power.


·       Help student to have good health.

·       Make them practice mental hygiene.

·       Help them emotionally.

·       Help the child in integrating their moral values.

Yoga education helps in enhancing all the activities of the student whether it’s educational, sports or social. Yoga techniques helps to increase attention in studies, provide better stamina and coordination for to your body for any sports and also help to bring general awareness and balance for social activities.

Yoga education should be implemented in school education but in a quiet and calm place creating a balanced atmosphere for its proper study and practice.

Yoga should be taught to student from easy level to difficult level. Students should be explained the ideology behind that yoga and should be aware of its benefits. An experience yoga teacher should be there who know all about yoga and can calmly teach student all the basic yoga asana. The teacher should also notice the daily progress of every student and make a report of that to see the progress.


·       PHYSICAL FLEXIBILITY: Doing yoga promotes your physical strength as children learn to use muscles in different ways. Doing yoga help children to give correct body posture while standing, sitting or other work.

·       BALANCE AND COORDINATION: Yoga is very much needed for balancing of body. Balancing pose help us to increase me mental peace and also provide a mental clarity and coordinate properly with mind and body.

·       INCREASE FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION POWER: by doing yoga poses you need to be very focused and this help the child to increase their concentration power and due to this it help your child to focus more on studies and get good grades.

·       INCREASE SELF-ESTEEM AND SELF-CONFIDENCE: Yoga helps to build self-confidence in child. It teaches the child to be patient and provide strength and flexibility.

·       ENHANCES BODY-MIND CONNECTIONS: Yoga helps the student to connect with body and mind and make your body exercise and provide calmness to mind.

·       HELP IN MAINTAINING BODY WEIGHT: Yoga will also help the child to maintain a proper body weight. It helps the child to maintain a healthy lifestyle free from diseases.

·       CONTROL ANXIETY AND TENSION: While you are in school or college you faces a lots of tension and stress and this all affect your body mentally and physically both. Doing yoga on a regular bases helps you to get free from all this and make you calm and happy mentally and physically fit.

Our child live in a world where they have so much pressure like school pressure, parents pressure, studies  pressure etc. and because of these all they feel very stressful and with the help of yoga we can help them to provide peace and calmness so, that they can do their work happily without getting stress.


·       LIVING TOGETHER (YAMA): This asana help t promote in living in peace, motivate us to live in group.

·       CLEANING BODY AND MIND (NIYAMA): It helps to get rid of toxins and negativity present in our mind and body.

·       STRAIGHTENING THE SPINE (ASANA): It help in maintain the correct body posture to get rid of all type of body pain and increases flexibility.

·       BREATHING (PRANAYAMA): It helps our body to learn how to be relaxed. It also helps in controlling our breath and provides peace.

After seeing all the benefits of yoga I think we should have yoga classes in schools and colleges. Doing yoga have so much benefits for the students it make them so energetic and fit it also help them in their studies and sports activities. It develops the child physically, mentally and socially which is very much needed for the students.

Yoga is actually the medicine of all the diseases if you do yoga daily then there is chance that you are free from diseases and it also help in mental well being. Doing yoga help the school going children in their decision making process also.

Once there was a time when I also used to be in so much stress and tension because of my school and studies. I was not able to manage my work and always feel irritated but that time only our school started yoga classes for just a week and I joined those classes and after 2 days only I can feel the change in myself. I have started managing my work and also develop patience in my- self and from that day I use to do yoga daily and it really was a plus point for me. Like me there are many students who will get benefit of yoga if it starts in every schools and colleges. Yoga helps to bring a positive environment and a positive human from uh.

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Meditation is a practice in which an individual uses some techniques such as focusing on some object, mindfulness or any activity to get attention or awareness which will help the individual to achieve mental clarity and emotional calm and stability.

Meditation helps the individual to get free from stress, tension, depression and anxiety. It helps the individual to develop peace, calmness and also help them to increase their confidence, focus and concentration.

Meditation is a practice which connect mind and body together in order to provide peace and calmness to mind and keep our body physically fit and also help in boosting energy in our body and makes you feel fresh throughout the day.

While doing meditation individual try to put all the focus on a particular thing and this help them to get control over all the jumbled thought coming in their mind. It helps the individual to get relaxed and help in stress reduction. It also helps in physical and emotional well being.


Meditation has so many benefits as it give a sense of calmness, peace and balance to your body that help you emotionally, physically and mentally.

Meditation and emotional well-being: When an individual do meditation daily then they have a clear view of each information and it also help you in decision making process and help you to deal with everyday stress and tension.

·       It increases your level of patience and tolerance.

·       Helps in increasing your creativity level.

·       Enhance your imagination power.

·       Make you focus on your present situation.

·       Remove all the negative thoughts.

·       Increases your self- confidence and self-awareness.

·       Help you in managing stress and tension.

·       Help in decision making process.

Meditation and illness: Doing meditation not only helps you mentally and emotionally but it also helps your body physically by protecting you from diseases. According to some research it is found that meditation helps you to deal with disease such as:

·       Anxiety

·       Asthma

·       Cancer

·       Chronic pain

·       Depression

·       Heart diseases

·       High blood pressure

·       Sleeping disorders

·       Headaches

Meditation is helpful to your body but it is not the replacement of the traditional medicine. It is actually useful when you take proper medicine and also practice meditation on regular bases.


Different types of meditation have different types of features. They far depend on the guidance you follow. Some of the same features that are found in all types of meditation are given below.

·       Focused attention: This is consider one of the most important and powerful element in meditation. It help the individual to free their mind from all the distractions and start to focus and concentrate on a particular thing such as object, image or even your breath.

·       Relaxed breathing: Relaxing your breath is very important while meditation. The main purpose is to breathe slowly and gently and take the maximum amount of oxygen and try to reduce the use of shoulder and neck muscles while breathing in order to make your breathing relaxed and more effective.

·       Quite atmosphere: The place you sit to do meditation must be peaceful and quite as this will increase your focus and concentration power and will also cause less distraction while meditation. As you will be a skilled person in meditation then you can do it anywhere even in traffic jams and grocery store because you will have a much strong concentration till that time.

·       Comfortable posture: You can do meditation anywhere while sitting, walking, standing but all you have to do is maintain a proper posture and be comfortable to avoid distraction and get more in meditation.


We all need to do meditation daily and this includes some techniques and ways. Doing meditation help your body to feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. It boosts your metabolism and also improves your immune. Some of the ways to practice meditation are:

·       Breathe deeply: Breathing is the beginning technique for doing meditation. It helps the individual to get relaxed and also help in increasing the concentration and focus. Breath slowly and concentrate on your breathe while exhaling and inhaling.

·       Scan your body: Sit on a particular posture and one my one put your focus on different parts of your body and makes them feel relax. Became aware of your different body parts and provide them warmth and comfort.

·       Chant any mantra: While doing meditation keep on chanting any mantra in order to feel relax and happy. Chanting mantra provide you a positive energy for doing the meditation.

·       Walk while meditation: Walking and doing meditation help your body to relax and is therefore considering an efficient and healthier way. While walking you can imagine that you are walking in forest or by any river side. While walking try to put your attention on your legs.

Meditation has been proven a good way to make your mind stress and tension free. It is been practiced from so many years and is considered really helpful for people. Meditation not only helps your body to be physically fit but it also relaxes your mind and help to increase your concentration and focus skills. It also increases your confidence and enhances your personality and posture.

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Abnormal eating habits of a person which affect the person’s body physically and mentally are called eating disorder. In this particular disorder a person may eat a lot at a short time or very less at more time. It is a mental disorder.

Problem like depression, anxiety are mainly seen in person who have sleeping disorder. Obesity do not includes in sleeping disorder problem.

The cause of eating disorder is still not clear but it does affect our body both physically and mentally. Environmental and biological factors do play an important role in this disorder. 

These disorders are described in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition (dsm-5)


Anorexia nervosa: It is one of the most common eating disorder. It mostly develops during early adulthood period. This affects women more as compared to men. In this particular disorder they feel that they are overweight even if they are underweight. People start to control their diet, avoid eating and lose calories. They start dieting, fasting and do a lot of exercise in order to lose weight. This all leads to damaging of body, thinning of bones, underweight etc.

Bulimia nervosa: It is also one of the well known eating disorder. This disorder mostly develops during early adulthood and is seen more in women than men. In this people start to eat large amount of food in a particular period of time. In this disorder people cannot stop eating and do have control on the amount of food they eat. As they eat forcefully which leads to vomiting. They maintain a normal weight but have fear of weight gaining. They do fasting, exercise also. In some cases this disorder leads to heart attack.

Binge eating disorder: It is one of the common disorders in United State. It mostly develops during early adulthood but can develop later in time also. In this also people eat a large amount of food in short duration of time and do not have control while eating. They do not restrict on calories and also do not vomit or exercise. People with this disorder are mostly over weighted and suffer from obesity.

Pica: In this disorder people eat things which are not considered as food. In this particular disorder people eat things like ice, soil, dirt, soap, hair, cloth etc. This is mostly seen during childhood, pregnant women. In this there is high risk to health.

Rumination disorder: It is a newly found disorder. In this disorder people bring swallowed food to mouth then re-chew that food and then again swallow it or spit it. This mainly occurs during 30 min after taking meal. Develop during childhood and goes on its own after a particular time. It affects people at all stage of life. This disorder results in weight loss and leads to underweight.

Avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder: It was earlier known as “feeding disorder of infancy and early childhood”. It mostly develops during childhood but sometime also seen during adulthood. In this people go under eating of diet. In this person feels lack of interest in eating. This disorder leads to weight loss and poor development of body.

Purging disorder: In this people eat everything but at the end to unwanted vomiting, exercise to control their body weight and shape of their body.

Night eating syndrome: In this particular disorder people eat a lot as soon as they wake from sleep.

This all classified disorder is done so that person can know what problem they are facing and can seek doctor advice if necessary. Eating disorder is mental problem which leads to damage our body if not corrected on time.


As we know that the exact cause of eating disorder is not found but it is believed that biological, environmental and psychological abnormalities lead to eating disorders.

Here are some factors:

§  Irregular hormone function

§  Genetics

§  Deficiency of any nutrients

§  Poor self-esteem

§  Family or childhood traumas


If a person is suffering from eating disorder he/she may show this signs and symptoms:

§  Dieting even after being underweight

§  Constantly change in weight

§  Engage in eating patterns like alone eating, hiding food etc.

§  Depression

§  Try to be alone every time

§  Obsessed with calories


As this all disorders lead to disturbance in body both physically and mentally it’s very important to consult with medical doctor, nutritionists and therapists for complete medical care.

We should give a proper balanced diet in order to make the person fit and healthy.

Yoga, simple exercise and medication can help the individual to feel relax and resolve mood and anxiety which take place because of the eating disorder.

In today’s date eating disorder is a common problem and many of us are having eating disorder and we even don’t know about that. Eating disorder is a very serious problem and this affects our physical and mental health both and some time leads to death also. Eating disorder also makes us weak and makes our self-esteem poor and makes us feel low angry and said which leads to low our self-confidence. Treatment should be given as you come to know about the disorder. We can overcome this disorder with family support and proper doctor guidance. We should try to eat healthy and a balanced diet and do regular yoga and exercise in order to be fit and healthy.

It is important to know that there is a binge eater in all of us which is always willing to come out but it’s totally on us that how we will control it. We need to learn to live a healthy life with healthy mind, body and soul.

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An asana is a body posture also called yoga poses or yoga posture. Asana is a Sanskrit originated word which in English means posture. Asana is actually a steady comfortable posture for doing meditation. There is difference between yoga and asana as yoga means the connection of body, mind and soul by relaxing yourself but asana means the correct body posture that you need for doing yoga. Asana help you to develop a correct body posture and also help you to gain flexibility and support your physical fitness.


·       It help you in increasing you flexibility.

·       Develop balance of the body.

·       It stretches and gives strength to the lower back, thighs and abdomen region.

·       Help in gaining stamina while sitting.

·       Help you in regulating your breath as you sit and relax in one pose for a long period of time.

·       Give relief you from stress and tension.

·       Relax your mind and body.


PADMASANA (LOTUS POSITION): It is a cross-legged yoga posture in which you sit down relaxing your body and mind. In this asana you breathe slowly and give calm to your body and mind. It is also known as Vajra position.

·       Sit on the floor and stretch your legs out in front and keep your spine erect.

·       Now bend the right knee and keep it on your thigh and left knee on your right thing in cross position and make sure that sole of the feet points upward.

·       Place your hand on the knees keep your head straight and spine erect.

·       Hold the position and keep on taking long gentle breathe.


·       It help you in digestion process

·       Control your blood pressure and reduce muscular tension

·       Relax your mind and body

·       Help pregnant lady in child birth

·       Reduces menstrual pain

People with knee and ankle injuries should avoid this asana.


Head to knee pose is one of the best pose for full body stretching.

·       Sit on the floor stretch your one leg straight in front with your spine erect.

·       Bend your left knee and place your left foot on the right thigh and left knee should touch the floor.

·       Breathe slowly and put your arms on the head above and stretch them.

·       Slightly twist the waist to the right.

·       Keep breathing and bend forward from your hip joints, keep the spine erect and touch the toes with hand.

·       Hold the position for as long as you can and keep breathing.

·       Repeat these steps on the other leg also.


·       Provide flexibility to your body.

·       Lower back muscles are stretched.

·       Provide support to your shoulder.

People with knee, ankle and shoulder injury should not try and also pregnant lady should not do this asana.

PASCHIMOTTANASANA (SEATED FORWARD BEND): It means west stretched out posture.

·       Sit down stretch your legs straight forward keeping spine erect and toes forward.

·       Keep breathing stretch your arms upward.

·       Bend from your hips, moving forward and touch the toes with hand keeping spine erect.

·       Keep breathing and hold the position for some time.


·       Help in maintaining the legs natural motion and stretch the back of the leg

·       Reduce stress and tension.

·       Better sleep

·       Help in digestion and control obesity.

·       Help in making body flexible

People with knee, ankle or shoulder injuries should not try this. Pregnant lady should avoid such asana.

BADHAKONASANA (BUTTERFUL POSE): It means bound angle pose because in this pose you hold your both feet together with the help of hand and it looks like a butterfly.

·       Sit down with your spine erect and legs spread straight out.

·       Now bend your knees and try to connect your feet to one other.

·       Grab your both feet together with the help of your hands.

·       Keep breathing and try to put the knees and thigh downward.

·       Now start flapping both the legs like wings of butterfly and increase the speed.

·       Fly higher and higher and keep breathing.

·       Do for some time than relax your leg by keeping them straight forward.


·       Help in relaxing your leg muscles

·       Relax you from menstrual discomfort

·       Help in child delivery

·       Improve flexibility of the body and specially leg part.

People suffering from knee injury should not do this pose.  People suffering from Sciatica should not do this asana.

There are many other sitting related poses and they all are also very important for our body but if you are just a beginner you should start with these pose as they are very easy and are very helpful for you and it also do not require a trainer for doing all the above asana.

Doing yoga and body posture (asana) are very important as they help you in maintaining a fit and healthy body. Doing asana keep you away from all types of postural deformities and also make your body flexible.

They also help in improving our focus, balance and concentration. They develop self-confidence in us. They also help you to get a good body shape and a good personality. Doing asana on a regular bases protect your body from diseases and also from different joint pains.

Doing asana and yoga is actually the medicine of all the body pain and they not only keep you physically fit but also provide peace and calmness to your mind and also make you soul relax.

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