Friday, May 7, 2021

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As the corona virus situation in our country is catastrophic once again. People should be aware of how a person can manage a situation when the oxygen level is decreasing and how one can manage the oxy level in home as getting medical help or immediate oxygen supply is not possible.



Oxygen level 94-100 is considered healthy but if it falls below 90, the person should seek medical help as soon as  possible. As low oxygen in the body leads to organ damage or it can also lead to death if it’s not treated on time.



Low oxygen in the body can cause the following symptoms-

It can lead to headache, shortage of breath, dizziness, one can become restless, it can cause chest pain, rapid heart beat also high blood pressure, confusion and lack of coordination.




·    Keep yourself hydrated:

 Water is very essential for our body it allows cells to grow, lubricates our joint and also helps to maintain body temperature. One should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day.


·     Breathing exercises: 

 Breathing exercises such as diaphragmatic breathing  or 7-8 breathing  or pranayama. There is  a right way to breathe but people don’t practice it they often take shallow breaths. So by practicing certain breathing exercises one can increase the capacity of the lungs.


·    Diet:

Taking a proper and healthy diet is so important as it helps to maintain the energy and also boosts immunity . As antioxidants allow the body to use oxygen  more efficiently that increases oxygen intake in digestion.


·    Proning:

Proning is the process where the person made lie down on their stomach. This technique is medically proven to increase the oxygen level in person who has relatively low oxy level.

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Friday, April 23, 2021

How to wake up at 5am?

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Waking up early is something we all think of before going to sleep us very few of us are able to get up early in the morning.

My question to all the readers here is, Is it really important to get up early at 5am?

Well I really don’t think so because here the motive is not getting up early but it’s to make our day productive! There are many of us who work at night and feel comfortable and it’s perfectly fine as the main motto is to complete our work on time neither getting up nor working late matters.

So why at 5am?

·         It will give you extra time.

·         You will get peace and calm environment.

·         Boost energy and make you fell fresh.

·         Sense of achievement.

How to get up at 5am?

·         Make it very clear in your mind the purpose of getting up early.

·         Then set your mind a night before that yes, I will get up early to complete my work.

·         Set an alarm at regular interval of 5 min.

·         Keep your alarm little far from you so that to off it you need to get out of your bed.

·         Put the alarm at the highest volume and put a song in that which really irritates you so that as soon as it starts you try to off it and for that you have to go out of the bed.

·         After getting up do not go back to bed for work. Sit on chair and do work.

·         At night sleep for 7 hrs and on fix timing.

·         Do not touch your phone for 1 hrs after and before sleeping.

·         Try this for 30 days and feel the change. It may happen you fail someday but gradually you will develop a habit and then you won’t need alarm also.

These are some of the way which can be practiced by people to get up early in the morning at 5. Try for some time and see the changes yourself.

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How to get rid of distraction?

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Distraction means something that turns your attention away from something you want to concentrate on.

Why this happens?

Simply because the thing which attracts you more or please you more your mind goes towards that. I commonly here that that during studies their phone distracts them etc. That’s simply happens because it give you more pleasure, though intentionally you don’t want to go there but your mind make you vulnerable to do that work. Our mind is like a revolving ball and out of everything what attracts our mind the most we get attached to that.

In such a situation we become the slave of our mind and our conscience is not able to guide us for the correct direction. It’s found the work which give you pleasure your mind will never get distracted there for example  we never get distracted while watching movies or any web series its simply because we enjoy that and it give pleasure to our mind.

We all start to feel bad if not done with our daily work and promise to give 100% the very next day.

So whom to blame?

In today’s era no one will be there with you for a long period of time. Today your family will feed you but after some time they also want you to do something. So start to take responsibility. Start to find pleasure on the work you are doing. Start to love you work so your mind will not get distracted.

Its only you who can stop your mind from distraction instead of crying and feeling bad start to work on yourself.

If I throw you in the water despite of knowing to swim you will try to save yourself and will try all the save to get out in the same way start to plan things and work on them. Make a mind set to achieve them.

Keep things away from you that distract your mind from achieving your goal. Remember if not today then it will be never.

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Thursday, April 22, 2021

How to increase your concentration power?

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Every person is having problems which cover a good portion of their mind. In most cases these problems are found to be imaginary problems. The imaginary problems vary from one person to another. 

These thoughts do nothing good but drain our energy and disturb our concentration all together. In addition, they do not allow you to get into comfort zone.

The very first step to increase your concentration is to get rid of all these unnecessary thoughts. Use your empty mind for constructive ideas.

Here are some ways to increase your level of concentration than others:

v  Train your brain by playing some puzzles, chess, Sudoku etc.

v  Improve your sleep that is at least sleep for 7 to 8 hrs.' in a day.

v  Do regular exercise.

v  Spend time in natural environment in peace sound.

v  Try doing yoga and meditation.

v  Take break while doing any work.

v  Listen to soft and playful music.

v  Take healthy diet.

v  Be in a peaceful environment.

We all face these problems and we all tend to find its solution. To improve your concentration and focus only you need to work on it. These ways can help you in increasing your concentration. We do things with full concentration because we are interested in that but lack because of lack of interest so we all need to develop interest in our work to increase our concentration.

I personally have tried some of the above ways and have seen the positive effects of these in my life. If you really wish then try all these you 10 days and you will feel the change and will be more concentrated in your work.

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Food not to eat when pregnant

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During pregnancy a women go through so much of food craving and some time it is noticed that they start to adopt some different food habits like they start to eat what they don’t like and also stop eating their favorite food. Some women also start to get vomit due to some food items.

Craving for any food at any time period is very common during pregnancy and it varies from women to women.

During pregnancy doctor advice women to not take some food item as it may leads to complications in pregnancy.

So here are some food items which should not be taken by pregnant women:

·         High mercury fish because mercury is highly toxic and it includes fish like shark, marlin.

·         Undercooked fish or raw shish should also be not eaten.

·         Uncooked or undercooked meat.

·         Raw eggs should not be taken in any source like homemade ice cream or cake icings.

·         Orange meat.

·         Too much of coffee and tea.

·         Raw sprouts.

·         Unwashed or unpeeled products.

·         Raw milk and unpasteurized cheese.

·         Alcohol.

·         Processed junk food items.

When someone is pregnant it’s very important to maintain a diet chart of that individual. Taking proper diet is very important for both women and child. If anyone take all the above listed food items than it may lead to pregnancy complications or miscarriage.

It’s very important to maintain a good balance diet for pregnant women to keep her and baby healthy.

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Blood glucose level in fasting

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Blood glucose level is said to be the amount of glucose present in blood at any particular time. The range of glucose varies at different time as it may be different after meal and during fasting. It depends on factors like age group, type of food eaten, is they doing physical activities, is they taking stress etc.

Here is some normal blood glucose level in fasting:

·         Younger children less than 6yrs must have 80 to180 mg/dl

·         Children at the age of 6 to 12 must have 80 to 180 mg/dl

·         People at the age of 13 to 18 must have 70 to 150 mg/dl

·         People of age group of 20 + must have less than 100mg/dl.

This is the normal blood glucose level of the person when they are on fasting or during fasting.

During fasting there is a slight drop down in blood glucose level of people due to no taking food on proper time. Glucose is nothing but simple sugar compounds. If we take food that help our body to get amount of sugar needed to our body. During fast our body uses the stored glucose and tries to make the blood level normal.

When the glucose drops down it leads to a condition called hypoglycemia in which people see symptoms like anxiety, confusion, dizziness, sweating etc.

When glucose level get high in body we face a disease that is lack of insulin in the body and which leads to diabetes.

So at the end its very important to maintain a good level of glucose in our body which can be achieved by healthy lifestyle which includes proper exercise and balanced diet.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

What is blood sugar normal range?

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Blood sugar level is the total amount of sugar present in someone’s body at a particular time. Blood sugar can be normal, low or high in different people who total depend on what amount of sugar someone has in their bloodstream.

Normal blood sugar level can be measured when someone fasts, eat or have eaten. It changes from age groups.

Here are some factors that affect normal blood sugar level of people:

·         Doing yoga and meditation.

·         Doing physical exercise.

·         Type of food intake.

·         Age

·         Tension and stress

·         Consumption of alcohol.

·         Any previous diseases.

·         Dehydration.

         Normal blood sugar level in children below age six is 80 to 180 mg/dL.

         Normal blood sugar level in adolescents that is age 6 to 12 is 90 to 180 mg/dL.

         Normal blood sugar level in age of 13 to 19 is 70 to 150 mg/dL.

          Normal blood sugar in age of 20+ is less than 100 to 180 mg/ dL.

Blood sugar level is considered high if it’s more than 130 mg/dl before a meal and 180 mg/dl 2 hrs. after intake of meal.

Some symptoms of low sugar are:

·         Headache

·         Anxiety

·         Hunger

·         Sweating

·         Confusion.

Some symptoms of high sugar level are:

·         Weight loss

·         Fatigue

·         Not cleared vision.

·         Vomiting

·         Frequent urination.

Blood sugar level can be controlled by healthy lifestyle and proper diet. People should start to do yoga, meditation and other exercise daily to maintain normal blood sugar level.

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Benefits of kegel exercises for men

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There are many factors which lead in weakening your pelvic floor muscles, some of which are surgical removal of the prostate and also conditions such as diabetes and also an overactive bladder.

If a particular person if suffering from problems likes urinary or fecal incontinence or dribble after urination must try this kegel exercise to get its benefit.

Process of doing kegel exercise for male:

·        Firstly you need to find the right muscles in your body. For these stop the urination in between or tight the muscles which allow passing gas and then finding the pelvic floor muscles.

·         Use correct technique that is tightening the pelvic floor muscles and hold for few seconds and then relax. Do for few minutes in a row.

·         Stay focused while tightening the pelvic floor muscles; do not hold any other muscles.

·         This can be repeated at least 3 times a day.

When to try or do this exercise:

·         Firstly it should be part of your daily routine and should be done daily.

·         Set a particular time in your daily work.

·         Second time do it when you have just urinated.

·         Hold the pelvic muscles just before or in between the exercise.

Tips to make kegel exercise part of your life:

·         Do it regularly without fail.

·         Always remember its benefits and good change.

·         Focus on the progress.

If a person do this exercise daily you get very good results like less frequent urine leakage. If done daily within a week or month it starts to be less. If a person do kegel exercise three times a day they will start to see better bladder control within six weeks.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Kegel exercise during pregnancy

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Many of you might not be familiar to Kegels exercise but it plays an important role during pregnancy.

Firstly lets us know what are kegel exercises? This exercise was named after a very famous gynecologist Arnold Kegel and these exercises help in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles of the pregnant lady, which get stretched during child birth. 

If these exercises are done in correct way then it helps in minimizing the stretched muscles of your pelvic and vaginal area.

Here are some known benefits of kegel exercise:

·         Control lower back pain.

·         Protect from painful urination.

·         Protect with intercourse pain.

·         Postpartum incontinence.

How to practice kegel exercises?

Kegels exercise is simple and effective exercise for women as it helps in improving the pelvic floor muscles tone. Kegels can be done anywhere as it takes only few minutes to do.

·         Identify the right muscles in the body.

·         Imagine that you are sitting in marble while doing this the exercise.

·          Gently insert a clean finger into your vagina.

·         Stop urinating mid-stream and hold.

·         Use weighted vaginal cones.

The comfortable position to do this exercise is:

·         Kneeling on all four

·         Lying down

·         Sitting

·         Standing

These exercises are said to be the best treatment for urinary stress incontinence, virginal, bladder or uterine prolapsed and other pelvic health concerns.

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Exercises during pregnancy for normal delivery

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Physical exercise during pregnancy is always helpful for mothers and child health as it helps in reducing the delivery complications and helps in normal delivery. Doing physical exercise in right way and in correct time is advised even by the doctors.

For a pregnant lady before starting the exercise few things has to be done like:

·         Wear comfortable and loose clothes.

·         Do exercise in a place neither too hot nor too cold.

·         Drink water frequently.

·         Footwear should be comfortable.

·         Start with warm up first.

·         Don’t do too much exercise at a time.

·         Avoid standing for long time.

These are few things that women need to keep in mind before they start to do physical exercise during pregnancy.

Now here are some of the exercise that women should do regularly during the time of pregnancy in order to increase the chance of normal delivery.

First trimester pregnancy exercise

·                             Wall slide 

                                Clam shell

        Hip raises/bridges

Second trimester pregnancy exercise

·                           Downward dog

·                          Pelvic tilt or angry cat

·                        Lying cobbler pose

Third trimester pregnancy pose

·                         Butterfly pose

·                        Pelvic stretches

·                      Yoga(stick pose, twisted pose, angle pose)

·                     Squats

Doing these exercises ensures the mother for higher chance of normal delivery. Even now doctors also recommend pregnant ladies to do some exercise and yoga to keep their body fit and it also help the child inside to develop and grow easily without any complication which leads to normal delivery of the child.

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