Wednesday, July 21, 2021


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We all are aware that olive is plant and the people use its oil for eating purpose. The oil is extracted from fruits and seeds and its leaf is used in medicines.

Olive oil is also well known by all of us as we use it in making food. Olive oil is found to be beneficial for people with heart problem, high cholesterol and high blood pressure problem.

It is found that the fatty acid present in olive oil helps in decreasing the cholesterol present in body and also helps in maintaining the blood pressure of the body. Olive oil also helps in killing the microbes present in body hence protect our body from diseases.   

Here are some of the positive sides of using olive oil:

·       Lower the risk of breast cancer.

·       Protect our heart from various diseases, heart attack, strokes.

·       Helps in improving blood sugar level and help in controlling diabetes.

·       Helps in controlling blood pressure.

Benefits of olive oil:

·       It is rich in monounsaturated oleic acid that means help in controlling fat in body and is good for health.

·       It has antioxidants and show powerful biological effects on our body.

·       Help in prevention of strokes.

·       Using of olive oil helps in fighting with diseases like Alzheimer.

·       Protect from risky disease like cancer.

·       Helps in treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Olive oil is actually considered a good oil as it has so many health benefits and it also protect us from various risky diseases like heart attack and cancer.

Today we all want to be healthy and fit so we are trying to add all good source of food in our diet so that we do not fall sick and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2021


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We all love new born babies but so we all known some strange facts about them. 

Here are some facts about our new born:

The first poop of babies does not stink: It is found that when the baby first poop that time its poop does not stink as it is something that is given to them when they are inside mother’s womb and therefore it does not have bacteria. After that when mother feed them bacteria get present in the child intestine.

At time some of them stop breathing: It is found that while sleeping some babies stop breathing for few seconds. Irregular breathing is found quite common in babies like when they cry or laugh that time either slows down or breathe faster.

Taste buds is there in tonsils: It is found the baby have same number so taste buds which kids have and therefore it covers their tonsils and back of throat areas also. New born babies get taste like sweet, bitter, sour but they can’t get salty taste. When they start eating, they like to eat the same foo which mother ate at the time of pregnancy.

Cry without tears: When the child is born in first few week, they cry without tears just the sound is heard after a month they start to cry with tears.

Sleep with face on right side: Most of the babies sleep with their face on right side and that is the reason most of the child are right-handed. Only 15% babies are there who sleep with face on left hand and that is also genetic.

Get scared by their own: It is seen that a new born get scared with very small things also like loud noise, sudden motion, bright light. So sometime they get scared with their own cry and motion.

These were some of the interesting and strange facts about new born which should be known by everyone of us. 

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Saturday, July 17, 2021


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As we know human body is made of 60% water which clearly means water play a very important role in human’s body. In some scientific research it is found that the more hydrated your body is the more efficiently and actively it works.

According to science we can say that yes, water helps in weight loss. Water helps in reducing your diet, it also boosts bodies metabolism and helps in making exercise more efficient.

Here are few reasons which support the statement that water helps in weight loss: -

It is considered as natural appetite: When ever we drink water, we feel that our stomach is full and then we do not eat anything which means water control the extra food in our diet, and if we don’t eat extra, we will not gain weight.

Helps in extra calories burning: In some scientific study it is found that drinking water helps in calories burning especially cold water. Nearly 2 to 3% calories are burned by drinking water.

Helps to remove waste from body: If our body is hydrated then it also helps in removing waste materials. It helps our kidney in removal of toxic waste and water also help in proper digestion of food.

Help during workout sessions: If your body is fully hydrated then it also helps in yoga an exercise session. It prevents from muscles cramps and weakness. Water also helps in maintaining concentration power and focus.

So yes, drinking water helps in weight loss an it also helps in maintaining a proper diet. Drinking water has so many benefits. Drinking water not only helps in weight loss but also protect our body from various diseases related to kidney, liver and stomach.

So keep drinking water and be hydrated. 

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Today hair fall is a very common problem faced by both males and female. People tries too many home remedies; go through doctor’s advice many even go for surgery but this all are not permanent solution of this problem. Even after doing so much you keep on facing hair fall problems.

Today to deal with hair fall problem people uses variety of shampoo’s, conditioners and serums but still fails to get over hair fall. Many companies give guarantee that using their product will stop hair fall but it’s hardly happens.

This all are the problems we face but do you really know what are the reasons behind hair fall.

So here are some of the major reason which leads to hair fall.

·       Stress and tension: When we face stress and tension both physically and emotionally this leads to hair fall.

·       Pollution: This is also a major problem which leads to hair fall. As air contain dust, smoke, nickel, lead this all settle at the scalp which leads to hair fall.

·       Lack of balanced diet: When you do not take all the nutrients in a balanced form then lack of some nutrient which is needed for hair growth is missing than that leads to hair fall.

·       Inadequate sleep: If you do not take proper sleep than that an also be a major reason for hair fall.

·       Hormonal changes: If your body is facing some hormonal changes like PCOS, changes in menstrual cycle etc. then that an also be the reason of hair fall.

·       Genetics: This is also a reason for hair fall. Like if your family have the heredity of hair fall than you will also face the problem.

At the end concluding the topic by saying even one can control problems like hair fall , with having a balanced diet an healthy lifestyle.

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Thursday, July 15, 2021


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Is menstrual cup safe?

This is a very common question for people now days.

So, firstly let me tell you what exactly it is. Menstrual cup is used in place of sanitary pads and tampons which are considered not so environmental friendly as they take a long duration of time to decompose.

Now the other question is where and how to use them?

So these cups are inserted inside vagina just the way you insert tampons. They are inserted inside for around a duration of 9 to 12 hrs. For inserting this just spread your legs an insert it. This cups are needed to be folded and then insert them in your vagina. You can use one cup for more than 2 years.

This is used for colleting the flow instead of absorbing them like tampons and pads.

The very important question are they safe?

So yes they are safe both for us an the environment. They are made with medical grade silicon which are totally safe for periods.

They are not painful while inserting but in the beginning you might feel uncomfortable but once you get habit of it you will be comfortable.

As these cups are environment friendly it is suggested by doctors also to use this.

If we use this menstrual ups then we can also get rid of itching problems  which are caused by normal sanitary pads. Once you get an habit of these cups then you will also not feel that there is something inserted also.   

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021


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Green tea is considered of the healthiest beverages . So , here are some benefits of green tea :

It facilitates weight loss – studies have shown that green tea increases the rate of fat burning and also tends o boosts metabolism rate .

It also lowers the risk of some cancers – as green tea is loaded with anti oxidants . So , it may help prevent some types of cancer such as breast cancer , prostate cancer etc . Studies have shown that drinking green tea on a regular basis can reduce 35 to 40 % chance of developing these cancers .

It reduces bad breath – drinking green tea also benefits oral health . As it reduces the growth of bacteria and reduces bad breath .

It may prevent type 2 diabetes – consuming green tea on a regular basis . It can lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes up to 42 % . It also improves insulin sensitivity and control blood sugar levels .

It fights inflammation – the flavonoids present in green tea fights inflammation in the body . Studies also have proven that there is anti bacterial , anti fungal and anti viral properties too .

It improves brain function – drinking green tea not only makes us feel energetic and fresh but it also improves function of the brain i.e. boosts mood and productivity .

Though green tea is great for your health and has numerous health benefits but if you drink too much it may results in headaches , dehydration , stomach irritation and can also affect sleep . So if you are planning to add green tea in your lifestyle than do not go all out in the first day , increase how much to drink in a day gradually . 

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Monday, July 12, 2021


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It is very important to keep your digestive system healthy. Large intestine is one of the important organ of the digestive system and keeping it clean and healthy is important too . So , here are some ways you can clean your colon at home :

Drink plenty of water – staying hydrated is a good way to regulate digestion. People suggest to drink 7 – 8 glasses of water everyday . Also consume fruits which are which are high in water content such as watermelon , tomatoes etc as these fruits help clean the colon naturally .

Herbal teas – some herbal teas are good for your digestive heath . Herbs like ginger , garlic , pepper aloevera etc suppresses bad bacteria and can also help with constipation too . Try to drink 2 – 3 cups of herbal tea a day .

Consume a high fiber diet – fiber is one of the important nutrients . Try to eat high fiber foods such as fruits , nuts, seeds , vegetables etc because it may help it may help in constipation and also boosts good bacteria .

Benefits of colon cleanses :      

It increases energy and removes toxins .

It also helps in weight loss .

Helps in boosting immune system .

Also relieves cramps , bloating and reduces the risk of colon cancer and improves mood .

Risks involved :

Continuous vomiting and nausea .

May result in kidney infection .

Dizziness and fainting .

Abdominal cramps and diarrhea .

Can also cause dehydration .


Always talk and consult your doctor before starting colon cleansing even when you are doing it in a natural way and if the side effects gets worse try to seek medical care immediately .

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Friday, July 9, 2021


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Coconut oil has gain popularity over the years . It has numerous health benefits as follows :

Strengthen and improve hair quality – applying coconut oil to your hair increases it’s quality and makes it shiny and smooth and also protects it from damage . It penetrates the scalp better than most mineral oils .

Makes your skin healthy – applying coconut oil to your skin makes it glossy . It also has anti inflammatory effect and it also boost skin health .

Helps in weight loss – when people consume more calories , it results in weight gain . Study suggests that consuming 2 tablespoons of coconut oil can help you lose weight and also reduce belly fat and improve overall health .

It increases good cholesterol – studies have proven that coconut oil is helpful in maintaining and increasing good cholesterol . Taking 1 tablespoon of it is beneficial .

Helps to control blood sugar levels – coconut oil could help prevent obesity and can also fight insulin resistance i.e. it can help prevent type 2 diabetes .

Helps in reducing stress – coconut oil helps to reduce stress as it is rich in anti oxidants .  Researchers has also found coconut oil is helpful in treating some kind of depression too .

It also improves dental health – one of the important uses of coconut oil is that it improves dental health . It tends to improve gingivitis and fight against cavities .

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Monday, July 5, 2021


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Sound therapy also called sound healing uses sound , music and instruments which are played in therapeutic ways which improves mental and physical well being .

Benefits of sound therapy :

Relieves stress – one of the most important benefit of sound therapy is that it makes you feel relaxed . The soothing sound helps your brain to cope up with stress better .

Gives positive energy – when you feel relaxed , you connect to your surroundings and feel more positive about yourself .

You feel more focused – sound therapy helps you to regain focus in your life . This not only helps you to cope up with day to day activities but it can also improve your athletic performance .

Boosts your confidence – when you create new and positive patterns in your brain it boosts your confidence . Also if you want to face new challenges , so you will need confidence to make important changes in your life .

Improves your relationship with others – too much stress can affect your relationship with others . But with the help of sound therapy , your stress levels are reduced and you can build and strengthen your relationship with your friends and family .

Sound therapy has been found to be effective for stress reduction and relaxation and also has numerous other health benefits such as it lowers blood pressure levels , improves sleep quality etc . Also listens to the music that makes you feel calm .

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Friday, July 2, 2021


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Zumba is an interval workout . It includes high and low intensity dance moves which is designed to get up your heart rate and boosts metabolism . Here are several benefits of doing zumba .

It helps to build endurance : zumba is basically fast paced as music is played so moving with the beats helps you to build endurance after just a few workouts .

It is a full body workout : as it is the combination salsa and aerobics . Also there is no particular way to do it . So as long as you moving and grooving to the beat , you are exercising .

It burns calories : zumba is all about movement . It burns a large amount of calories through aerobic activity . One can burn 500 – 1000 calories in a zumba class .

It relieves stress and boosts mood : zumba is considered the perfect workout if you want to get rid of all your stress . Studies shows that while doing zumba, your body releases mood improving endorphins which helps to boosts your mood and feel good .

It improves blood pressure : studies have shown that slightly obese men and women experience a decrease in blood pressure levels and it also improved their health in general too.

It improves your quality of life : zumba is not just a workout and not only provides certain health benefits but it is also a social workout which connects you with others .

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